FDA regulations are now for public review, don't worry, Bedford Slims will still be in business. The reason why is simple: These regulations make sense.


We have been waiting for this day for three very long years. As a morally endowed company, Bedford Slims was created for the sole purpose of providing a smokeless nicotine alternative accessible to our fellow Brooklynites because no electronic cigarettes were available at the time. Much like all things that do a good job, we were fortunate enough to grow our business outside of our tiny Brooklyn neighborhood. 


All jokes aside, we have always maintained a focus on quality ingredients that are already FDA-approved and flavors that appeal specifically to adults. We have succeeded in providing a hardware system that doesn't take an electrical engineer to figure out, "Just plug in and press play", the old Atari mantra goes.


I think you will find the quality leaders in this industry believe strongly in a system of checks and balances so that a certain level of quality is maintained across the board. Nearly every industry has a watchdog for the people and when done fairly everyone benefits from a regulatory system designed only to ensure the people are safe.


So, when we heard that all products and juices will now need to be reviewed by the FDA, we say:

"Absolutely, where do we send these to?"


When the FDA says e-cigs are no longer for sale to minors, we ask,

"What type of monster would sell electronic cigarettes to a child?!?!?!"


When we hear that there may need to be a disclaimer on the package, we say:

"Well, we have that and the whole not for sale to minors disclaimer as well as our ingredients, so it looks like we saved some money on not having to reprint these damn things."


These may seem like common sense things, because they are. They are guidelines every e-cigarette company should be following even if the guidelines do not yet exist. If you are an electronic cigarette company panicking right now about any of these regulations, I am not worried for you as much as your customers.