Root Small-Batch Flavour Pack -5 cartridges per pack-

Bedford Slims


  • Root Small-Batch Flavour Pack -5 cartridges per pack-
  • Root Small-Batch Flavour Pack -5 cartridges per pack-

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Prepare your olfactory senses for a true awakening. Our new line of flavors introduces a completely new formula to the Electronic Cigarette world. Standard formulas use a variety of food flavorings to achieve taste, our line of small batch flavors utilizes a steeping process that allows the user a far richer experience they can taste, smell, and feel. Hand-crafted right here in the U. S. of A. 

Root - The closest you will get to smoking a Root Beer soda. An excellent update to the days of soda shops and root beer floats with two straws in them.



  • 300 puffs
  • 2.5 OHM (low resistance)
  • Built-in atomizer
  • Safeguard Tip Design prevents leaking
  • 1.2 ml cartridge 33% larger than leading competitors 

Why Bedford Slims cartridges?

  • Naturally derived flavours and herbal ingredients
  • Special blends exclusively for Bedford Slims
  • Built-in atomizer means a fresh smoke with every cart

USP Grade 70/30 Ratio of Propylene Glycol/Vegetable Glycerine, Deionized Water, Natural and Artificial Flavors, USP Grade Nicotine (except if listed as 0%), Caffeine
Nicotine Dosage by Strength:

  • Full Flavored: 26mg
  • Light: 12mg
  • Non-nicotine: 0mg

Please choose your desired nicotine strength before pressing the ADD to Cart button.


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