• The Benefits of Bedford Slims

    • Emulates traditional smoking, without combustion and tar.
    • No smell on clothing or breath.
    • Usable almost anywhere - on the train, in restaurants, bars.
    • Battery lasts for approximately 300 “puffs”.
    • Lithium Ion Rechargeable Batteries increase the life
    • 8 satisfying flavours true to the smoker's palette
    • Southern Tobacco, Root
    • 30-day return guarantee

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  • Go Fireless

    Bedford Slims vapourettes are a new, premium electronic cigarette for smokers who want a replacement for traditional cigarettes without sacrificing good taste or the smoking ritual that you enjoy.

    You are tired of the smoke, smell, and stigma of conventional cigarettes. With Bedford Slims, you can do away with many of the disadvantages of conventional cigarettes. Experience smoking, but with pleasantly flavoured vapor that brings you the nicotine fix you need. 

    Each Bedford Slims refill cartridge contains enough to satiate the daily smoker for a fraction of the price. Circumvent the smoking bans by using your vapourette on most trains, restaurants, bars and offices.